Mini Keg - 5L Apple Cider - 5.5%

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Here it is, we've done it. We’re taking our cider to the next level with our 5L mini-kegs. These bad boys are perfect for your next party or celebrate at home! Just set em up in your fridge or esky for refill after refill.

Now, there are a few reasons people are loving these kegs - aside from the fact that they're filled to the brim with 5L of our signature cider. With 23 standard drinks a pop, they're great value for money. But, more importantly, our mini-kegs let you enjoy the best Cedar Creek has to offer without leaving a massive environmental dint. They're a heck of a lot easier to recycle than regular cans, as seeing as they're cheaper by the litre than other packaging options, that means less mess left behind.

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They're also a lot more fun.

contains Minimal preservatives for freshness 

No added sugar, no added water or flavours...

- 5L - 5.5% ABV - 23 standard drinks -
Made entirely from Cedar Creek Orchard Fresh Apple Juice

*Always drink responsibly. Cheers*

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