Cedar Creek Orchard Apple Juice (12 x 1L Bottles)

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Cedar Creek Cider might very well be its own entity, but as it turns out, it's kind of hard to make apple cider without apples. So we owe a lot of who we are to Cedar Creek Orchard, and to the legacy they've created. 

First developed way back in 1964, the orchard's signature juice has become Cedar Creek's bestseller and has set the quality standards for apple juice in Australia.  Made from 100% Australian produce, you won't find any added preservatives, sugar or apple concentrate. Just crushed apples blended to perfection.

Whether you prefer good ol' apple juice, or you like living on the edge with apple and blackcurrant, this 1L load is the perfect companion for your next family picnic or your smancy dinner party cheese platter.

Our signature juice is available in different varieties and sizes.

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