Apple Cider 5.5% - 24 pack

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Let's get one thing straight: there's no shortage of craft cider Down Under. We know it, you know it. We realised pretty early on that we'd have to create something really, really special if we wanted any chance of standing out from the rest of the cider crowd. And so, we did.

Our Cedar Creek Cider is lovingly handcrafted in a little ol' cool room from 100% Australian Cedar Creek Orchard apple juice. No added sugar, no added water or flavours... we add minimal preservatives so  You'll get fresh, crisp, cool apple cider that genuinely tastes like apples (who'd have thought, hey?)

- 5.5% ABV - Medium Sweet -  Filtered - Carbonated
Made entirely from Cedar Creek Orchard Fresh Apple Juice.

*Each can is 1.6 standard drinks. Cheers, and always drink responsibly*

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